Hearts End

And the whole world crumbles beneath my feet

I’m in the shallows, I’m in the deep

Carried by the biggest waves

Too far out now, to be saved .

Am I going down with this ship?

Though no ones here inside of it

Lost at sea , lodged in sand

Reaching out, my empty hand .

Hearts End

Garlic Pizza Bread

You can’t communicate?

With your significant other? 

Shove it in the oven love

Aye no bother! 

Who needs words

That you’re too scared to say?

Not that they’ll be listened to

Just eat right away!

Relatively consistent 

& absorbent for tears 

Who needs support? 

Raise a slice now, Cheers!

Garlic Pizza Bread

Market Monday Morning

The grey chill of morning graces 

Embracing shoulders with morning faces 

Unwelcome to those yawning

It’s market Monday morning. 

The people they’re from out of town 

Few locals spied, up or down  

Livestock lorrys plenty

Will they come back empty?

These Farmers worries far from us 

As we queue and board the bus

It’s cities we are bound

Away from Market town.

Market Monday Morning